I work at the office of the Whole Body Healing Center located in Lewisville, TX. I am a colon therapist and refer my clients to Daneen for lymphatic treatment before seeing me. It has helped so many clients have superior colonics when they do the lymphatic treatment first. It releases a lot more toxins and clients leave feeling better. I am very impressed with how well it removes swelling and cleanses the body. – Pat

As the medical community and the US government begin harnessing the potential of electromagnetic energy for tissue and bone regeneration, diagnosis, and other health applications, the Hyperphasix is an exciting breakthrough in this growing field of health and wellness.

The Hyperphasix is a portable, rechargeable diode instrument driven with our patented technology.


The Benefits

The Hyperphasix balances the body and replaces expended energy lost to the body through trauma.

  • Pain is alleviated, both chronic and acute, as swelling and inflammation are addressed. Pulsed electromagnetic fields of certain frequencies promote healing in the body for fractures that are slow to heal.

  • Bruising is addressed quickly and blood does not stay in the tissues but is moved from the site of damage effectively. Toothache and pain from sprains are also quickly alleviated by the far-infrared component driven by our technology.
  • Instant relaxation and stress relief can be felt as the body seeks to rejuvenate itself. Pain after surgery is lessened or eliminated by the full spectrum color light absorbed by the body, coupled with the far-infrared warmth to move blood and dispel inflammation.
  • By pumping up the healthy cells to their maximum potential, the body can fight and win over any type of body discomfort safely, effectively, and in less time than it would normally take.

The miraculous body can heal itself when the proper information is provided to the cell. The energy of the Hyperphasix can help in this endeavor.

Clinical Results
Lymph System Overview

Lymph System Overview




The Hyperphasix Experience

Hyperphasix is a portable, hand-held device that is ideal for use at home, office or for travel. It is used directly against the skin or through clothing. When turned on, random white lights will appear. These are various frequencies, far-infrared and others, streaming into the body through the skin, penetrating deep within the matrix of the cell, and enabling the body to continue strengthening itself. Energy flow to the body is felt by the warmth of the infrared light and the sense of well-being felt after use. Ultimately, the Hyperphasix helps realign the body’s energy field to its normal healthy state.

Hyperphasix works with short term, non-invasive exposures of several minutes (15-20 minutes approx) operating in continuous cycles of subtly pulsed electromagnetic fields and quantum technology.


How does it work?

The Hyperphasix’s unique technology has combined the most successful frequencies of all the different electromagnetic instruments available today. Its unique pulsed range of body-friendly frequencies carries harmonics, which produce a more focused delivery system deep into the body. This penetrating signal accesses the right combination to unlock cell and DNA communication, hence improving and maintaining vigor, vitality and strength to fortify against disease.

Its unusual combination of full spectrum light and far-infrared emitter enables the Hyperphasix to deliver information and energy to the body, supporting and facilitating healing.

A full array of frequencies is emitted from the domed lens allowing the body to pick and choose what it most needs, like a smorgasbord of energy passed by every cell – whatever is required to take the body to optimum efficiency, is suddenly provided. Not only are the “base frequencies” utilized, but also the high harmonics that ensure a match in vibration to each independent cell. This match creates a movement or a vibration that makes every cell that was not reactive or responsive, receptive and responsive again. With this interaction, cells communicate and exchange information in a more efficient and effective way to protect and interact with other parts of the whole body to bring about improved healing and increased effectiveness of the immune system.

Not only are the physical aspects of the body nurtured, fed, and energized, but the electromagnetic field of the body, the part you do not see, becomes reorganized from the chaotic patterning of disease to healthy smooth patterns of vitalized and renewed health. Every bit of emotional upheaval in our lives that is disturbing eventually enters the body as disease or stress. The mechanism of energy (quantum light) in the Hyperphasix changes the pattern of discord to one of harmonious freeflow, and changes the negative pattern in the field to one that is more balanced.

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